The melancolic lights of Marune: Alastor 933

Being confined to the house by the rainy summer, I had plenty of time to make that rendering, using the same metal-art nouveau-oriental-rusty mix I have been trying to put together in my various cityscapes. The Manor house by the lake is freely inspired by the book of Jack Vance.


the steampunk detective-part5

The twin moons scenery goes one hundred percent with me. So I go for a walk to relax and do a little thinking about the case.

The whole affair is a mess, and I don’t mean perhaps. First I’m hired to retrieve a stolen jewel by a client who thought the job would be dead easy, no kiddin’.
So I go along doing my job and I  find the guy who stole the jewel minus his head in a dump and I’m not so pleased with life anymore.
If you guys have read my first post you know the dame who hired me is a rare piece. Dear Mrs Ghr’ss is a mutant who can be pretty nasty with very little effort on her part. And she will unquestionably be sore to learn that her jewel is still AWOL.
But I reckon I cannot just slip a notice under her door saying “sorry Mrs Ghr’ss, some  unfortunate hitch has occurred and your little friend could not return your valuable piece of jewelry”. Nothing doing, I had to brace myself for some cosy interview with the Ghr’ss woman on the next day and better try to explain things before she blows my brains using her telepathic skills.
The problem is nobody alive can tell me where her damned jewel is. Clinical research has established that when a thief has been decapitated, he is not likely to provide any information you urgently need and I had no other clue.
No clue ? Well, except maybe that android hand I had found near the corpse.
I reckon a first party had come to interview the poor guy. I remembered the victim had been badly boiled. So I guess whoever had served as interface between him and the hot tap water system must have been the proprietor of that hand. Suspect number one.
And then suspect number two,the big robot, must have barged in and spoiled the cosy exchange. In fact this one pretty much spoiled everything.
The lost hand indicated that suspect number one, probably some sadistic android, lost the fight and scrammed. The crude decapitation must have then been performed by the big robot which did not seem blessed with any sense of subtlety.
A lotta guesswork, you’re tellin’ me. Anyway the jewel must be plenty important to at least two parties, the one who sent the mysterious android to ask questions and the one who had rented the big robot. The former wanted the poor guy to speak, the latter wanted him to be silent from here to eternity.
Definitely not an issue on which they could have reached a mutually acceptable compromise. Quite a dangerous age to live in, if you ask me !
No wonder these human districts have a poor reputation. What with the cheap rents and low labor costs, all sorts of creatures, mechanical or biological, begin to settle little by little. You guys can guess why I prefer renting rooms in the mutant districts even if we humans are discriminated. Better being looked down on by mutants from time to time than being looked up by jeepers creepers all the time.