Steam network repair

I begin to feel more comfortable with the models I created for my metal city so that I am now trying to play around with them more freely and render more complex scenes.


Expanding the empire : inside the generation starship

I made these illustrations to show different aspects of the interactions between humans and the automatized ship. Hibernated humans are suspended in fluid-filled containers while maintenance robots take care of them. Each individual is linked to other sleepers in order to form units connected to the main computer system.

Examination room


Sleeping vault

The sleepers are clones of the same individuals

Cyber moon seen from colonial planet

I made some illustrations concerning a vague project I have about a grand scale cat-and-mouse hiding game involving a military space station. Here it is seen entering the orbit of one of the imperial colonies.

Underground Laboratory

My new model is a huge multi-level compound seen here from different views from top to bottom. I then added different characters to experiment with different possible uses of the model.

My first idea was that this visually complex, industrial setting could be an appropriate background for a film noir climax. Then I moved to more action oriented ones.