Expanding the empire : inside the generation starship

I made these illustrations to show different aspects of the interactions between humans and the automatized ship. Hibernated humans are suspended in fluid-filled containers while maintenance robots take care of them. Each individual is linked to other sleepers in order to form units connected to the main computer system.

Examination room


Sleeping vault

The sleepers are clones of the same individuals


The steampunk detective-part4

You folks may already have guessed from my last post that the life meter bar of Mister MC Final had fallen to zero. And it looks like you’re damn right.

The poor guy was lying on the floor. His head seemed to be badly burned or boiled. He had then been decapitated, if that’s the correct word to describe that state of affairs.
There was also blood overall but that is a side issue which should not distract us. The point of interest was a hell of a robot which I thought filled too much of the picture. Right now it was busy scanning or x-raying the corpse, for whatever purpose. The upper storey of that robot was an eyesore, no kiddin’. It housed various kinds of lethal instruments, including some nasty injectors. When it was done with photographing, it proceeded to turn everything upside down in a big way, no doubt searching for the stolen jewel. Otherwise that dump was not worth the wait. Anyway after a few minutes the robot could apparently detect no sign of the jewel and decided to scram.
The procedure by which that hulk of metal took its leave confirmed my first impression it was never intended to be converted as a teddy bear. It demolished the back wall enthusiastically and disappeared in the direction of a former canal which was now used as a chemical disposal site not far from here.
A few passers-by were looking dubitatively at the rampage left by the robot, probably thinking what kind of a hole-in-the-wall type of establishment is this ? In no time the place began to bustle with people coming in through the freshly opened hole.
I reckon that big robot had not been here to do some fitness training. If in spite of all its efforts the jewel could not be found, no need to bother searching for it myself. That kind of machinary has a lotta radars and sensors while I was just  a guy who had always been doing poorly in class.
I decided it was time for me to scram myself since a looting party here was getting a bit loud. Metal parts were being stripped from  some steam machines.
As I was about to leave, something with a metallic sheen lying on the floor caught my eyes. I picked it up automatically. It was an android part, a finger claw or something, but nothing to do with the hulk I had seen in action. I pocketed it in my trenchcoat, said “excuse me “ as some looter inadvertently bumped against me and stepped through the hole myself into the street.
A few minutes later I was walking through the check point into the mutant district, mighty glad to call it a day.

Some of my robots

I put as much time in designing the rooms in which the robots operate as actually building the robots themselves. I wanted my settings to have a science fiction feel although the robots are just realistic machines and not futuristic ones.