Steam network repair

I begin to feel more comfortable with the models I created for my metal city so that I am now trying to play around with them more freely and render more complex scenes.


The melancolic lights of Marune: Alastor 933

Being confined to the house by the rainy summer, I had plenty of time to make that rendering, using the same metal-art nouveau-oriental-rusty mix I have been trying to put together in my various cityscapes. The Manor house by the lake is freely inspired by the book of Jack Vance.

The steampunk detective

Here is a short outline of my steampunk noir concept for some following posts. A predatory alien race, the tsh’ankh, have gathered on an artificial planet samples of various races from the galaxy, including Earth. Millions of abducted humans live in a sprawl called the Ghetto.

They are forbidden to operate any machinary developped beyond the stage of steam technology. Only a small elite of collaborationists are allowed more sophisticated machines- vintage cars or aeroplanes. This upper class consists mainly of crossbred from humans and aliens, living in the wealthy districts of the sprawl.

The narrator is a human private eye retained by a mutant femme fatale who is being blackmailed. The story will take us through this strange noir art deco town brimming with hybrid characters.